Özdemir Transport

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
Özdemir, who gives the commitment to carry all kinds of cargo from one kilogram to one thousand tons, comes first and foremost the welfare and safety of its employees who are the architects of their past and future successes. The easiest and long-lasting method of sustaining this environment of welfare and trust is to contribute to the formation of this awareness in all stakeholders and to raise awareness.
Therefore, Özdemir;
Fulfills all national / international legal requirements, standard and related contracts
Identifies occupational health and safety risks of all activities and develops and minimizes action plans for these risks and tries to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
It aims to continuously improve its performance by creating a culture of occupational safety and making this culture a lifestyle.
With the motto ir People First ıyla, Özdemir aims to bring its employees, customers, suppliers, all of its business partners and shareholders together within the same policy framework.
Özdemir's basic environment principle;
"Let's lie green to keep our world clean."
In order to improve its occupational health and safety performance, Özdemir learns its concerns and carries out necessary corrective actions by establishing direct dialogue with its employees at all levels of the organization. Awareness of the need to create and develop safety awareness through collective training, on-the-job conversations and one-on-one evaluations are always kept alive.