Our Services

Özdemir Transport, which helps the product to be delivered to the desired location within the period specified by the customers, serves you both at home and abroad.
International Advantages
The company provides a healthy communication service between the supplier and the customer. Until the product is delivered to the address, it will remain in constant communication with the shipment company. Before starting the journey, paperwork will be prepared according to order conditions. Once the goods have been transported to the vehicle, they start. The supplier is always informed when it is reached and delivered. Transit time guarantee is provided. In addition, with many different transport methods, you can send your cargo safely with the company that makes transportation more easily and quickly.
What are the shipping countries?
Özdemir Transport, which provides transportation services to the countries of Europe, Middle East and Turkish Republic, enables the customer to send the amount of cargo that he wants to the address he wants. Deliver the load to the address given without any problems within a certain period of time. During the journey, you will be notified when you have departed and the goods are delivered. In order to prevent damage to the goods along the way, the most suitable vehicle is selected and the items loaded. It provides transportation services to Iran, Syria, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Arabia, Turkmenistan countries abroad. In a very short time, the company transports your cargo to the address you want by moving your cargo in a very short time. At international prices, our company regularly provides reliable transportation and organized logistics services to all parts of the world.

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