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We aim to be the leader of the sector in intercity transportation and we carry all kinds of goods to every corner of our country. In order to ensure that your belongings arrive smoothly, the packaging is at your disposal with the help of your team and the complete and partial transport services regardless of the amount of your goods.
 We carry out the transportation of all kinds of containers with our open dorseli trucks suitable for the container transportation in our company which can export the products imported from abroad and the products that are imported from abroad periodically. Within the scope of the project, we provide domestic distributions of the products that are manufactured by many manufacturers, which we carry out transportation contract, with our tilted and open dorsed trucks. Our company Özdemir Transport has low overloaded trucks that can carry out domestic transportation of any heavy load group which is under the scope of heavy transportation.
Generally, we provide transportation of the construction equipment planned to be transported from the construction site to the construction site under the supervision and supervision of the highway permit and escort vehicles. We carry out transportation services from all over the country to the Black Sea and all of our Eastern Anatolia provinces where many transport companies avoid transport, and we can easily transport any type of cargo which is suitable for standard tarpaulin, frigo dorsel and lowbed trucks. Our trucks and trucks that we use in domestic transportation activities carry out all the transportation that they are carrying out as insured. Safe transportation and appropriate transportation prices and conditions are the most important factors in the domestic transportation market.
In this sense, our company, which started to operate in the sector after doing meticulous studies and researches, stepped into the sector with its high-model trucks, started to provide safe transportation services with its experienced drivers and attaches importance to presenting the transportation freight rates in accordance with customer expectations and demands. In order to get detailed information about the transportation of all types of cargoes in the country, you can inform your phone and e-mail addresses in the communication section of our company in writing or verbally, and you can get freight offers from our experienced operation team at any time.

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