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Heavy Transport Service
Özdemir Transport has been successful in this field for many years and has gained experience in this sector and has announced its name worldwide. The company is also experienced in heavy cargo transportation. The company, which works with the expert team, is very successful in cargo. By adapting to the developing technology, it applies the changing transportation methods. The company, which has achieved new successes in the transportation field, has been increasing its lowbed purchase investments. By applying the wishes of the supplier and the customer, it helps the product to reach the customer seamlessly. According to the specifications of the product carefully transported to the full address in a short time.
What is Project and Heavy Freight Transportation?
The company, carrying out successful projects in the field of cargo transportation, provides an excellent service to you with its wide vehicle fleet and experienced employees. Thanks to the company that performs the project and load services in the best way, you can easily carry loads such as container and crane and reach to the address you want. The company carries out domestic and international transportation of 500 tons of military vehicles and tanks as well as the safe transportation of oil pipelines. The company carries out freight transportation to Middle East countries by taking into account the wishes of the customer. The company cooperates with the service network and gives you the safest transportation service. Özdemir Transport has a reputation for exceeding the borders of the country.

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