Countries We Work

Iraq Shipping
Iraq is one of the Middle East countries. Turkey to the north, west to Syria and Jordan, east of Iran, south of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf is located. The capital of Baghdad. We make complete and partial transportation to Iraq. Iraq is our neighboring country. The Habur border gate opens to ibrahim halil gumrugune. Its main cities are divided into two groups: dohuk, zaho, erbil, suleymaniye, salah ad religion, diyala, basra, babylon, kerbela, necef, al anbar, kerkuk, iraq, north and south. The weighted goods go to the north. Iraq has very important oil deposits. After Saudi Arabia, it is the second largest oilfield in the world.
Syria Shipping
Syrian Arab Republic of Middle East countries. Its capital is Damascus. North and northwest Turkey, eastern Iraq, Jordan from the south, from west to Israel, Lebanon and Syria is surrounded by the Mediterranean neighbor's turkey. Cilvegözü and front pınar gates open to the Syrian border. Due to the civil war in Syria, products are delivered to cilvegözü and oncupınar gates. We have a heavy supply of aid. The strategic position of the Syrian who is known as the door to the Middle East countries is very important. Major cities Aleppo, Lasagna, Raqqa, Haseke, Hama, Tartus, Humus, Cobani, Palmira, Resulayn
Lebanon Shipping
Lebanon is a Middle East state located in Southwest Asia and on the East Mediterranean coast. The Republic of Lebanon is an Arab and Middle Eastern country on the Eastern Mediterranean coast. Its capital is Beirut. The country has an excellent road network. There is also a 420 km rail. All kinds of ships can dock at the ports of Sayda, Beirut and Tripoli. Beirut Airport is the busiest airport in the Middle East. It is one of the most economically developed countries of the Middle East.
Saudi Arabia Shipping
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is surrounded by Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan from the North, Yemen, South Yemen and Oman from the south, the United Arab Emirates from the east and the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea from the west. The country's railway and road transportation network is very developed. In recent years, air transport has been very regular. The famous Hamidiye Hijaz Railway, built by Sultan Abdulhamid Khan, runs up to Zerka. Abdülhamid Khan, furthermore, had built a telegraph line up to the Medina.
Azerbaijan Shipping
Azerbaijan is a state in the South Caucasus. Russia in the north, north-west Georgia, Armenia, south west, south and south west Iran, Turkey (Nakhichevan border) is adjacent. Caspian Sea draws the eastern border. Some of them are in Europe and part of Asia. Its capital is Baku. Azerbaijan is a partial transportation. There are 2 shapes as our route. The first country to recognize the Ankara government in the world is Azerbaijan.
Turkmenistan Shipping
Turkmenistan is a Turkish State in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is located in the north, Uzbekistan in the east, Iran and Afghanistan in the south and Hazar Lake in the west. Turkmenistan is the Central Asian Turkish republic which gained its independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Karaboğaz Lake, located near the Caspian Sea and rich in salt, is located within the territory of Turkmenistan. The capital is loveabat. Its main cities are dashoguz, mary, turkmenabat, turkmenbasi, and caspian. Uzbekistan shipments are delivered to the cities of Turkmenistan by riding the dervishes in the Caspian Sea from the Iranian gulf or Azerbaijan. We do partial transportation to Turkmenistan.
Ukraine Shipping
Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine is a state located in Europe. It is located in the north of Belarus, east of the Russian Federation, south of the Azov Sea, the Black Sea, Moldavia and Romania, west of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.
 Russia Shipping
Russian Federation is one of the largest countries in the world. North of the Arctic Sea; Pacific Ocean to the east; in the west of Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldavia, the Baltic Sea; south of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea, North Korea, the Black Sea is located in the Russian capital moscow. St, Petersburg, Nijniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan (Tatarstan), Novasibirsk, Krasnodar, Ufa, Rostov, Samara, Sochi, Ryazan, Omsk, Saratov, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Ijevsk, Perm, Veliki Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Novorossiysk, the main cities of Vladimir has. From Russia, zonguldak samsun or haydarpas to the sea and the ship and the vessel is lowered into the port of novrossiysk.