Transportation can be done in many areas such as home, office, institutional and also textile products are transported.
Textile sector is very important for countries in economic development. Because of seasonal changes, preference differences and competition in fashion, textile companies look for logistics companies that will deliver their products to their domestic or foreign companies. Textile products are prepared with great effort and care in preparation and the quality of products as well as the production process affects the logistics process. Naturally, the transport process as well as the production process is required to be done with care and attention.
For transportation of textile products, more road and sea transportation are preferred. If there is an emergency in the transport, the airline can be used. When transporting textile products, roll, box and hanging types can be selected.
Hanger Textile Transportation
Transport with hanging system is done with specially equipped vehicles. In these vehicles, the products are carried in the hanging form in textile warehouses. Hanging boxing systems are also available. Thanks to this option, the products are delivered to the buyer, especially without being spoiled, stained, dusting, hygienic and external. It is delivered without any reduction in the quality of the product.
What are the points to consider in the suspension system?
* Logistics company should avoid sunlight exposure of products.
* Light contact of textile products and transport at temperatures above 15-20 Clarda may cause deformation of products. Tools must be used to ensure these conditions
* Hangers and hangers must be made of stainless steel. Care must be taken to ensure that the interior of the vehicle is clean and dry before transporting the products.
* The logistics company must protect the products with insurance against the problems that may occur in the process from the loading of hanging products to vehicles to the buyer.


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