Özdemir International Transport provides comprehensive services in the field of international transportation.
Özdemir International Transport provides comprehensive services in international transportation. Our company, as a professional international transportation company, with international connections and experienced staff, taking into consideration all commercial, operational and legal issues, offers the most appropriate solutions to customers in road transport. With its expert staff, it provides smooth and timely delivery to its valued customers. For example, any kind of transportation from Hatay and other cities abroad is done by road transportation.
with a large fleet of vehicles, in Hatay Ozdemir International Transport, by means of complete and partial load regularly between Turkey and the Middle East serving the sector. The entire fleet is composed of vehicles in the EURO 3 / EURO 4 / EURO 5 standards, which also have transportation superiority in the Middle East countries, as well as nature and environmental protection features.
Our company mainly uses roro route in road transport. However, there are also vehicle exits which use only land route within the scope of express service.

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  • Loads according to vehicle capacity in transportation

    It refers to the sum of the goods taken to the ship and to the carrier which is requested in exchange for this transaction in order to be transported from one place to another in international trade.
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    The characteristics of the delivery form: The seller notifies the buyer of the goods in the operation on the date determined before the buyer.
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    Özdemir International Transport carries out your transportation with the most advantageous International Transport Prices.
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    Özdemir Transport, which comes to mind when it comes to road transportation, has the largest fleet in the world.