Monitor and deliver performance sensitive services with our high quality facilities and technological investments; International Transport.
Monitor and deliver performance sensitive services with our high quality facilities and technological investments; Özdemir International Transport firstly analyzes the requests and demands of its customers and ensures that the requested services are kept in a timely, undamaged and in accordance with product specifications and will be directed to all desired logistics processes.
Ftl and Ltl Transport Services
With our product groups that require special group transportation, self-propelled vehicles and our country-wide External Purchasing Infrastructure organizations, we provide solutions within the framework of detailed service profile delivered in a fast, economical and electronic way in accordance with the sensitive security measures.
Distribution and Special Fleet Management Services
We offer sales order dynamics, efficiency-oriented, Rut-based or one-time delivery, project-based proprietary fleet operation, Hot Deployment, Aggregation and Time-Dependent Deployment capabilities, Zone Cross Dock insightful support, and competitive performance. We provide regular, fast and diverse sea transportation services between trade points in the world thanks to our partnership agreements with active ship owners. All over the world we have built the whole world to Turkey or Turkey with strong partnerships our chain port and door to door delivery, FCL and LCL transportation as well as t + ship, plane + ship, or we offer combined transport services in the form of train + ship. Your upload may be too small to fill a container.
We are able to provide services to the door via Özdemir International Transport offices and agents. We are ready to be your solution partner. You will never regret it for choosing us. Having the authority to issue official documents and documents in maritime transport; In the system where Özdemir procured product on time and guaranteed on time delivery; We will offer you professional solutions in the field of land transportation. If you want to take your products out of the country by road, you can contact our company and you can get the price of road transportation for your corporate and personal belongings. All of your items will be delivered to your new address without any problems. When you want to get answers from the right channel with a phone, you can; You can reach to Özdemir international forwarding company.


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